Political campaigns

Shaping an artful expression of your principles and/or candidacy.


A note from Julie:

A long time ago

I was part of a fundraising event for Barbara Boxer's US senate campaign. Afterward, we celebrated the event's success with the candidate who, of course, would go on to serve 24 years in office. I was inspired enough to forge an idea that I might go into politics, but my life went in other directions.


I'm proud to provide campaign branding, positioning, and advertising for those who have chosen the activism of running for office. I welcome the opportunity to work with first-time candidates, longtime politicians, as well as political advocacy organizations.


Taglines & logos

Rise above the noise. Stand out from the crowd. Be inspiring.



You know what you stand for, so how can you best articulate it?



Express yourself brilliantly, from your ideas to your delivery.