10 questions and a sentence.

Gargoyle in a nutshell.


What is Gargoyle Factory?

Gargoyle Factory is a woman-owned creative consultancy that helps individuals and businesses express themselves in the best way possible.

Do you only work on unconventional projects and are all your clients women?

No. We love unconventional projects, but we like working on all kinds of things. And we're thrilled to help women, but mostly, we like to work with nice people.

Is this real?

Yes, it is. 

Is it true that Julie of Gargoyle Factory has won awards for copywriting and poetry, was spelling bee champion in third grade, auditioned for the LA opera, and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?


And did she do work for Qualcomm, Neil Young, a reproductive endocrinologist, sleep apnea machines, Kit Kat bars, Wilson golf balls, Madonna, Spike Jonze, and Mattel?


Do these efforts all have something in common?

Yes. Storytelling.

Okay, so if I want to do a project with Gargoyle Factory, who actually does the work?

It depends on your project. The main thinking and writing, Julie will do. The production, direction, and music composing is Julie too. Then there are Friends of Gargoyle. These are wonderfully kind, smart, and creative people: designers, illustrators, web developers, violinists, poets, strategists, marketers, photographers, composers, and experts in packaging and account management. Each team is specially assembled for each project. 

Writing, branding, jingles, productionwhat kind of experience do you have to do so much stuff?

You're not the first to ask. Julie has been lucky to do a great many things: an early career in music composition and performance, and a second career in copywriting, branding, and advertising. These two paths complement one another in all kinds of ways. After a long time thinking about how to put them all together in one big cast iron pot, she finally did it. 

That's interestingcan one follow one’s heart and still be a professional person in the workaday world?

We’ll see.

This sounds exciting.

Thanks. We think so too.

Is it true that you're a descendant of Philippe de Rémi, the famous trouvère of the 13th century?



Above center: Julie Borsa of Gargoyle Factory


Rise up, friends. Strike while the planet is hot.